Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Inks over Jack Kirby... Kinda

A while back, I found a Captain America cover penciled by Jack Kirby on the web. I thought I'd experiment and try inking it digitally, which I don't do. It turned out kinda so-so. When I got done, I tried to find the actual cover to see what it looked like.

Turns out they didn't use this drawing. And more than that, Jim Steranko apparently redrew Cap below the rib cage. Kirby had the left leg outstretched to the left. (I think he must've had a rule that all characters must have their feet at least four feet apart.)

Anyways, so I inked adulterated Kirby. But the cover they actually used was pretty bad and was created by a committee. I guess it's just a reminder that creativity often takes a back seat.

It was still fun to ink, though... except all those dang buildings. I think that's why I didn't go into the comics field.

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