Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bob Montana Original Archie Sundays

Bob Montana is one of my favorite cartoonists. Among Archie artists, it's awful hard to pick a favorite... but when I see Bob Montana's work, it just feels like I'm seeing the way Archie was meant to be. He was Archie's co-creator (which took several decades for Archie Comics to admit, and even then, not until after his death) and did the newspaper strips up through the 1970s.

These are original Montana Sunday strips. The inking is awesome.


  1. i love seeing these old comics. the brushwork is super smooth and awesome! there's a lot of lessons to absorb just by looking at the artwork. thanks for posting these!

  2. I agree. I'll be posting a new one every Sunday for several weeks.

  3. I love how in that last strip Archie's dad thinks it's perfectly okay to join a kissing game with teenagers!