Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A simple how-to in Tshirt Pro-Bono land

Sometimes we, as illustrators, are approached to do a T-shirt for _______. I really enjoy putting together a T, but most of these jobs are not going to make me rich. This is how I put a Tshirt together without spending a week on it. 

I find the right free image (snake bones above) in google and run it through a vector program such as Flash or Streamline.  Then I take a freeware font and shove it through photoshop's liquify tool with low pressure around the edges of the image and also other text. 

Once it's done in black and white I run it through the vector program again. This gives it that "Tshirt" look, plus it's ready for the graphics people. 

I try to design Tshirts for these groups that they might actually like to wear more than once for the event. I do bump into them around town from time to time.


1 comment:

  1. Great design and treatment, Wes!

    Sometimes when you remove the money factor from a job and you know whatever you create will be 110% appreciated, the gig takes on a whole different sense of creativity and fun.

    I occasionally will do a 'free job' just to keep things balanced and grounded. I dig that whole Karma thing.