Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My iBook is dead.
It's sad, really.
It was my engagement present from my wife.
It was a good laptop, until the logic board failed ... the first time.
Then Apple placed a recall on iBooks like mine and I got the repair for free.
I had to send it back to Apple THREE more times to get the same logic board issue fixed.
On the fourth time, the folks at Apple said if it fails again, they wouldn't fix it.
The logic board failed again and now the laptop refuses to come on when I push its Power Button.
It's finally dead. For good.
It has sentimental value, so I'll probably bury it somewhere in my studio.
I'll miss it.

Not sure if I can replace it with another.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust .....


  1. Stacy, My deepest condolences.

    Look at the bright side though...It looks like a nice day for a funeral at least.

  2. Boy, what a bummer. But let me ask ya, How brave are you feeling? Okay, wait until you finish the projects you're working on, and then ask yourself, How bored am I?

    From what I can gather, the issue is with the graphics chip on the logic board, not the logic board itself. Of course, thousands of folks have had this repeating issue. I ran across a somewhat strange fix; open up the case just a bit, and wedge something in to put pressure on the Graphics Processing Unit. This seems to work, as the problem is the soldering on the chip breaks down over time and that's been the issue.

    If you're interested, or have a geeky friend, here's the link:


    A little ways down there is a link to a tutorial on how to jury rig that thing:


    'course, this might not be the issue you're having. But just thought I'd mention it. Regardless, it sucks bigtime.

  3. Right now, my iBook won't even come on. I push the power button and nothing. No fans come on, the caps lock light doesn't come on. No noise at all.

    If I could get it to come on, I'd definitely do the pressure on the GPU and see if that works. That would make a nice little Sunday project for the family.

  4. Do you have another power adapter to check it with?

    It could be worthwhile to take it to a shop and have them just open it up and look at it. It might be something relatively simple, with the computer just not getting power for various reasons. Or if you ventured to take it apart some Sunday, you might be able to see something that's dirty or gooey or charcoaled.

    BUT... only do it for fun! When you really want to fix something, it's always much more difficult.