Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Switching to

I'm switching to Ask. com.
I've been using Google since the founders were as poor as I am. Google is now too big and doing some things I don't agree with; such as positioning themselves to be the copyright registration service, putting photos of everyone's home on Google maps, ignoring half the internet in their search results, laying off thousands of workers without having to report it as required by a publicly-traded company, and circumventing copyright laws with their library project.

Yes, Google owns Blogger. Not sure what to do about that yet.

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  1. I agree. I found your site by "asking" on Google is playing around with their hit counts making some searches seem like not that many people are looking for the same thing, but it's false. I ask the same thing on and get a million more hits than Google. Plus, they cooperate with the government to invade privacy and collaborate with China to keep its people oppressed. I'm done googling.