Tuesday, September 30, 2008

7 Habits of Happy Kids is a Winner!

I received my personalized copy of The 7 Habits of Happy Kids today, and wowza! I haven't seen a book like this in years. It is jam-packed with Stacy Curtis's wonderful paintings and is just a circus for the eyes. He really poured his heart and soul into this book.

Reading through it, it reminds me of children's books from the Golden Age of illustration. The characters are fun and well-designed, the colors are rich and vibrant and the level of detail keeps you looking at the illustrations and then going back to look some more. Stacy's style is the perfect blend of contemporary and classic children's illustration. This book is on its way to becoming a new classic.

My 9-year-old son walked by the book and picked it up nonchalantly, and then didn't put it down until he finished it. I think that's pretty much going to be the reaction of all kids that are lucky enough to get this book as a gift or find it at the library.

The stories are fun and the book is very well designed. Parents are sure to love reading this to their kids. They're going to have a blast seeing all the problems the characters have and how they solve them. And they'll get a kick out of the little surprises Stacy put throughout the book.

Stacy's illustrations make the book. They put the fizz in the soda pop!

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