Friday, August 1, 2008

Rabbit Rocketeer

Finally, a drawing for fun.
I've been so busy with paying work, that I haven't had time to sit down and draw something for the heck of it.
Not that I can complain...

I really wanted to watercolor this, but decided to color it digitally instead. And it's very sloppy.
What do you think?
Wanna see it in watercolor?

Ink on Strathmore Imperial, coloring: Cintiq + Photoshop


  1. Excellent piece Stacy. Very clever. I like the digital, but I would be interested in seeing it painted too.

  2. This is inspired! I love stuff like this where you just keep seeing something new the longer you look.

    If you watercolored it, it would really rock.

  3. I'm taking donations.
    Once the donations have totalled up to $1.6 million (the cost of a drawing hand transplant), I'll watercolor it.

  4. Right. I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't willing to do it.

    It might be a fun one to paint.
    And it might provide a good exercise to put the digitally-colored one and the traditionally-painted one by side and compare the two.

  5. Yeah, but that's a pretty involved drawing to color as an exercise!

    I don't know why, but I tend to use exclamation points to show that I'm making a light-hearted comment. For some reason, it feels the same to me as a smiley. Except if I type, "Bite me!"

    Instead of exclamation points, I should probably use more Explanation points.