Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sketchbook PRO + Photoshop

I downloaded the trial version of Sketchbook PRO and it's wonderful for sketching/drawing. The pencil tool has a nice feel to it. Though the interface of the program is a bit confusing, it's still fun to draw with.

Here are some sketches:

Black and white drawn in Sketchbook Pro:

Drawn in Sketchbook Pro, colored in Photoshop:

Drawn and colored in Sketchbook Pro:


  1. That faun is great ... and the pirate reminds me of a certain Arizona resident we both know :)

  2. Very nice! It looks like poise taking to the Cintiq pretty nicely.

    I can see a big difference with your Sketchbook drawings. The neat thing about drawing with the pencil tool is how you can get a mixture of an inked/penciled drawing.

    Great characters. Always love the way you draw birds.