Sunday, July 13, 2008


Goofing off with a ball-point pen. For about three decades I mostly drew with a ball-point or rollerball and hated the idea of pencilling and inking... it seemed like doubling the work. When I started doing Spooner I decided to do it the proper way, as demonstrated in my cherished 1973 paperback edition of Charlie Brown and Charlie Schulz, a biography with tons of photos and drawings. So I bought some nibs and India ink, and the Hunt 512 seemed to be just right. And a Speedball Flicker FB-6 did a pretty good job for lettering. I don't think they make the Flicker series any more. If you see any, let me know.

Say, did you know Speedball makes left-handed pen nibs and pen holders? I'm not lying. A little trivia: In the days before computer lettering, the Hunt Hawk Quill #107 was the Marvel Comics standard lettering pen. A Speedball A-5 nib was used to draw balloons, captions and borders.

'Course , now I tend to use my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for most every thing. I've had this one since December, 2006, and it still works like it was new. Bristles are in great shape, and I have easily inked over a thousand drawings with it, and have probably gone through about a dozen ink cartridges.

A bunch of the drawings I post are drawn on my Motion Tablet PC. The precision isn't really there like Stacy's Cintiq but it's good for sketching and color work... some inking but not much. And I can sit in my old worn-out recliner to draw.

Well, that's the best post I can muster on a Sunday night.


  1. Ted, that is just GREAT!
    There's a story going on there and I think the big guy is about to take one in the chopper!

  2. I create and teach ink-on-paper comic books. As a fan of Ben Oda, Artie Simek, John Workman and Clem Robbins -- to name a few -- hand lettering with the Ames Guide and Speedball/Hunt nibs is a lost art.

    At Ames 3.5, I've settled on shaved-down C-6 nibs with B-6 for bold (Speedball B-6/B-5 works fine for Ames 4.5). A few old-school Marvel/DC pros have recently convinced me to try the FB-6. Luckily I found an online vendor Paper & Ink Arts. Can't wait to see the results!

    In the meantime, please accept my thanks for this instructional, wonderful post.


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