Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday!

They're the original Blue Man Group ...

It's the 50th birthday of Belgium's largest export, the Smurfs!

When I was a kid, I drew lots and lots of Smurfs. I drew a Smurf on my fellow classmates' pocket folders ... either a Smurf or Garfield. I think I can still draw them from memory today.

Most kids remember having G.I. Joe's, Barbies, Star Wars figures, I remember having lots and lots of Smurf paraphernalia.

My twin brother and I had a complete Smurfs bedroom set ... Smurf curtains, Smurf comforters, Smurf bedsheets, Smurf pillowcases and various plush Smurfs....Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, Gargamel, etc.

I even sent a fan letter to "Peyo" and was rewarded with a signed certificate putting me in charge of our local chapter of the Smurfs fan club.

I remember my brother and I walking around saying things like, "Go Smurf yourself" or "Stick it up your Smurf!"
We drove my mom crazy!

I still love the Smurfs. They're way cool.

So raise your glass of sasparilla juice and have yourself a piece of Smurfberry cake!

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