Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Happy Chase

My wife thought it looked like these guys could be friends, so I decided to try a different take and see how that would look. Comments welcome.


  1. It's amazing what tiny changes can do, isn't it?

    For me there is still a lot of danger here. I love the illustration and it draws me in. Again, the vertigo is just fanastic and it's something I can never pull off.

  2. I think I like scarier better.
    I'm not sure why.

    Maybe toss it up, put a smile on her face because she's either teased the dinosaur or knows she's going to get away and make the dinosaur a bit less happy about it.

    Either way, the drawing is amazing. You've got good angle and like Wes, it makes me uneasy to see those two so high in the air.