Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What sizes should my originals be?

As I lay out roughs for this book I'm doing, photoshop has helped to get an idea of how big original drawings should be. It's probably a given for most Pro's, but it's easy for me to make mistakes here and have one drawing turn out too weak or bold because of the size differences in the originals. I'm trying to avoid that with these simple diagrams. -Wes


  1. You know, I learned to always work at 150% of repro size. But I've come to base it on the size I'm most comfortable working with. So I might take one illustration and use it as the basis for what size to do the rest of the originals. That way, I'm working at a comfortable and natural size, and all my brushwork will be consistent. Sometimes it might mean working at 100% (which I don't really like to do, but can be fine for painting) or as much as three or four hundred percent of reproduction size. For me, I have to not worry too much about it or I'll drive myself miserable crazy.

  2. Tom Richmond (http://www.tomrichmond.com/blog/index.php) mentions drawing sizes sometimes on his blog. For MAD magazine he draws at 200% of print size IIRC. For larger stuff like a poster or something I think he draws AT print size, because it's already so large.