Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spooner on Wowio

The Spooner comic books published by Astonish Comics are now available for download at Wowio. No money down! No credit checks! In fact, NO COST AT ALL! That's right, FREE! I don't know how they do it! But if you missed the books and can't afford these Collectors Editions, buzz on over to Wowio and get your free Spooner books.

The books contain an original story in comic book form and the first several months of Spooner daily and Sunday newspaper comics.

Spooner books on Wowio


  1. Dude, Awesome! Let me check this out. Better yet.. I'm going to order the real thing.

  2. Actually, wowio DOES require a credit check, does require other hoops to be jumped through, and isn't available to readers outside the US.

    Wowio, in short, sucks, and I will neither read nor recommend any comic "publishing" on its limited and useless vanity network.

  3. only requires a CC# if you can't or won't supply a non-anonymous email address(such as one from your work or ISP). It is currently available only to US residents due to copyright/licensing issues. If that doesn't work for you; bad luck. :-P