Friday, October 12, 2007

Getting a scan to look more like the original.

Watercolors are hard to scan. After the art is flattened and a large book is on the scanner and the lights are off "dirty" looking pixelation can sometimes still creep in. Subtle paper texture is fine, but too much of it and it just looks bad.

I use a Musetek A3 USB scanner and I'm really happy with the color so I don't want to jump ship to a high end epson just yet. Epsons seem to have some of the same issues too. Photography results haven't been great with me either, even with a 7.1MP Canon and good lighting.

I've found a filter that can automatically/or selectively clean up some of this stuff and it's called Noise Ninja. The first one is the original here. -Wes

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  1. That program looks like it could be a life saver. Thanks for the heads up!

    Love the arachnid. I just now noticed what kind of pie that is. Ewwww!