Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wet Canvas

Wes, I love these fox and lizard sketches! These are some of the best characters you've done.

A couple of years ago, I got a lot out of participating in the forums at Wet Canvas, a site for artists of all different mediums. Lots of folks post their Works in Progress, and will share their techniques. I remember I got a lot out of a post in the watercolor forum that included a muralist and an architectural illustrator, and then learned more over in the portrait forum and illustration forum where someone was working on a caricature of and commissioned by Govuhnor Ahnold. It was a great resource for me and great, helpful people. They also had different places for and levels of critiquing, since sometimes we need it and sometimes we don't. Worth checking out, I think.

Do you buy your watercolor paper in large sheets? A couple of years ago the Love of My Life bought me a few sheets from Dick Blick. This might mean it could be feasible to do some sketching directly on the watercolor paper, depending one's Keeper to Krap ratio. (Judging by the ol' studio floor, I'm doing pretty well lately. But that's mostly because I would rather shave my butt than re-do a drawing.)

Just checked, and they sell ROLLS of watercolor paper. That's a new one on me. One of the rolls of 140 lb. paper is 86 smackers for a roll that's 44" X 30 feet. I'm not a math person, but that sounds like a sweet deal. Also reminds me of when I was a kid and we didn't have any paper to draw on so my uncle who worked for NCR would bring over a box of adding machine paper and I'd draw rolls of comic strips on them.

Or you could try out this 50-foot roll of rice paper on eBay for ten bucks. It says it's for watercolor and calligraphy, but I have no idea. Anybody ever work on rice paper? I've eaten it before, with those little Japanese candies where you eat the wrapper.

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