Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quentin Blake

Quentin Blake is one of my favorite illustrators.
He can be so darn expressive with just a few lines.
The more I experiment with my work, the more I would love it to become simpler and more Quentin Blake and a handful of other illustrators whose work I find deceptively simple.


Here is an interview Stuart Jeffries did with Quentin Blake in the Friday, September 28th edition of The Guardian.

Additional Links:
Also, you may enjoy perusing Quentin Blake's website.
He's got lots of things there, including a video showing him work in his studio and "The Story of a Book," you can watch Quentin Blake’s creative process within his book, "Cockatoos" where you can see drawings from roughs to finished pages.


  1. I love Quentin's work! I hear you on the desire to have your work take on more qualities like his. I'm finding I'm paring back more and more, and it's quite difficult to pull one's work back to a more simplistic style. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This was way super cool to get some insights on how he works. It's nice to know his genius doesn't just flow out of him on first drafts. His technique allows for him to keep trying till he gets it right.

    I'd like to know the brand of waterproofish ink he uses to do that.