Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh, Yeah??

I thought I would post something controversial to see if anybody is visiting our blog or not.

Tomatoes are not a vegetable! They are a fruit! And if you're spelling "tomatoes" without the "e," my friend, you are an illiterate boobie. I don't care what the song says.

Not only that, the banana was not always the perfect fruit it is today! It used to be tiny and MUCH more difficult for primates to peel and eat. Not the perfect fit for the hand that it is today. Not by a long shot.

Wait, I'm not done. New York Times bestsellinger Adam Rex's new novel, The Meaning of Smekday, is a complete fabrication! That's right, it's all made up! Every word! In fact, several words themselves were completely made up! Although brilliantly written and illustrated, this book is sheer entertainment, and that's it.

And one more thing. I say it's high time that women started leaving the seat up for us!


  1. I wondered why some people spell it without an e ... what about potatoes with out an e ?

  2. If a person spells Potatoes without an "e," then that varmint is a half-baked spud-head. The variant "taters" is acceptable, however.