Sunday, September 30, 2007

A little heartbreak.

I've often said how I'm looking for a paper that doesn't buckle as easily as the current stuff I use. I found a watercolor board that is just fantastic to work on. It's THICK! It just seems to scan a lot "dingier" than my strathmore imperial hot press, making it somewhat less useful to me. Bummer. -Wes.


  1. Awesome painting, Wes.

    How cool would it be to finally have discovered the perfect paper to draw on?

    I have yet to have made that discovery.
    I have been trying several different papers, but I can't exactly find the one that does everything for me.

    Still searching...

  2. I'm starting to think that this needs to be approached in the Way of the Master (or maybe it's the Way of the Wife):

    "Do not seek the paper that meets all of your expectations, but find a paper rich in its own qualities with which you can marry your art."

    Meaning, the perfect paper ain't out there. But maybe the trick is in our accepting the paper... ah, fuhgedaboudit.

    On the other hand, a big problem seems to be scanned results. I've seen a couple of good tutorials on the web for photographing art, and that might be the ticket. It's mostly a matter of setting up the lighting properly.

    Although I did like the results I got one time while painting onto a piece of corrugated cardboard. Embrace the corrugation...