Monday, August 20, 2007

Backing Up Files

Although I've never lost a hard drive, various things will go wrong with computers. Either the hard drive will eventually fill up, or a system board could go out, or, as happened to me last week, a power inverter board got toasted and I had to replace it. I have tried various things to keep files backed up. I'd be interested in hearing how you all out there handle this issue. Burn to CD or DVD? External drive? Online storage? Home server? I'm weighing options and could use some ideas.


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  1. I've been by a bad hard drive once but was able to recover most of my files. I started backing up to CDs but that was a lot of work. Currently I use a combination of a portable hard drive (I have to get a larger one now that I have a larger hard drive in our computer) and an online service (currently using because they work with Macs and their software actually works.)

    Both systems work great -- though I haven't had to call on either of them yet for recovering files so some caveat there. But the portable hard drive is great for transporting large files and the software for backing up files works without any attention from humans. And having all those files available is convenient when traveling. The online backup I use to store files I absolutely need to keep copies of and having them in a place not the same as the computer insures their survival in case of something like a fire.

    It'll be cool to see what others might post to see if there's any other newer, better options available.