Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Richie Rich

I was reading an interview of one of my favorite cartoonists, Ernie Colon, and it got me thinking about Harvey Comics again. One of my dream jobs would have been drawing Richie Rich. The Harvey boys screwed that up for everybody. The company is now just part of some investment firm's portfolio. It's about as bad as Ben & Jerry selling out. Worse, because I never wanted to make Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Anyways, sometimes I think about doing my own Richie Rich comic, current investors be hanged. So this is a little sketch of how I'd envision a modern Richie Rich.


  1. I LOVE Richie Rich and Casper!
    I grew up on those comic books, not the superhero stuff.

    It's weird to see Richie not wearing a bowtie, but what kid wears a bowtie? I guess a RICH one.

  2. richie needs a bowtie, a giant one!
    nice looking hair though!

  3. Coolness! Check out my website on Harvey: http://thft.home.att.net