Monday, June 11, 2007

Moleskine Monkey

Here are some sketches I made of a monkey character in my Moleskine sketchbook.
I like this character, but it's daggone hard to draw a monkey that's not a close relative of Curious George!

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  1. I have an extremely difficult time drawing monkeys. I just can't do it. I think it's the fur factor. I don't do fur well. Maybe also it's because monkeys and apes are already like humans, so it's even harder to anthropomorphize them, if that makes any sense.
    My pet peeve is that Curious George is STILL called a monkey, even though he has no tail. And I think in animation he comes across much more like a hairy child, which maybe they intended, but it just doesn't work for me. While they're our cousins and all that, they still walk funny. Then again, so does my cousin Bill.

    Did I say nice sketches???