Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Toughest man in the World.

I think this is the title for a book dummy I'm doing right now. We find out through the book that Big Ed isn't so tough after all. It's a fun book to write and draw and that's good enough for me right now.

I can't explain why, but i like to draw on cheap inkjet paper lately (500 for $6). Maybe it's the scratchyness of the coating they put on it. It's strange that I would even care.

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  1. What a cool drawing! This is a great idea, and I'm envious. I love this sketch.

    I've been using inkjet paper a lot, too. For a lot of the spec work I do I'm using it for inking on as well. The bright white, 24 lb is smoother than bristol or vellum and takes ink really well. And it's cheap! I think between the family we go through a ream a month. The kids are almost as prolific as I am.