Friday, March 9, 2007


Just some sketches from the sketchbook.


  1. These look great. Do you always sketch so perfectly on the first try, or do you do cleanups after you get what you want?

    Keep posting guys, its all so inspirational!

  2. You know, I grew up drawing with a ball-point pen most of the time. Having to ink something seemed like just making something take twice as long to draw. I think I developed a tight penciling style because of this.

    I've found that clients often cannot visualize what finished art will look like. This often requires showing them tight pencils.

    If a sketch isn't working, I toss it away after the first few lines. So I don't get it right every time, I just keep the one where the lines are working out, then tighten them up. The flow and balance is what I look for, and if I get that, I don't worry about altering the pencils too much. I don't do cleanups because I usually lose the feel of sponteneity that's important to me.