Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ship at Sea

This is my 30-minute digital painting for today. This time I thought I would use a reference, but I ended up just outright copying a great painting I found. I don't know who the artist is. This is the painting that I tried to duplicate: Spirit of Albion  UPDATE, July 12, 2010: The original link disappeared, but I finally discovered the artist of the painting I copied. It is by Mark Myers, Royal Society of Marine Artists. It is titled Wanderers: The Joseph Conrad in the Southern Ocean.
More work by Mark Myers.


  1. You should look into illegally reproducing masterpieces or money.

    Great speed painting. You really do have an eye for this!

  2. This as awesome! My son LOVES Ships & he loves to draw, I hope he gets this good one day. You did a GREAT job!!! I LOVE it!

  3. When I originally painted this, I was just kind of warming up and did not take the time to find out who the original artist was. The original link has disappeared. Finally, I discovered the artist and name of the painting, which I added to the original post:
    "Wanderers: The Joseph Conrad in the Southern Ocean" - watercolour by Mark Myers, RSMA.