Friday, March 9, 2007


To be successful, you have to be able to do something that nobody else can do. Would you agree with this?

What is the key to being successful as an illustrator? To keep trying, surely. But what if you're Trying the Wrong Way? For me, it helps to have others who are in the same Tub to share experiences with.

To me, being an Illustrator means being a Storyteller. So what stories do we have inside? What's the best way to tell them? I've come to the conclusion that I don't have the proper tools to tell my stories. One of my goals this year will be to rectify that. I want to do work that amazes me.


  1. Is hard to start a week and read a post like yours. I have been in the same quest, trying new tools, styles, ways to tell stories...

    This is what we do, we are the shaman in the fire, at night, telling a story, making the people around us travel to other worlds.

    Man, it have to be a awesome fire.

  2. Good words, nicely put.

    I love the fat fish on your blog!

    I'm glad to know I'm not in the boat alone.

  3. Do you like the fat fish? Good!
    But I'm not totally convinced... This is one step in my search.

    However, I have a question:
    When you say that you don't have the proper tools... What do you exactly mean?
    You want a weird brush, new inks? Paper?
    I see that you work mostly in watercolor... maybe you want to change to acrylics, or gouache?

    Or what you really want is a new way to tell the stories? New visual codes? More elaborated?

    For me, I think is both, plus the fact that I have not much time to work in my illustrations, so it have to be a quick style.

    I think I'm in trouble!

  4. Sorry for being late in replying... It is hard to keep up with the comments of the blog posts.

    Right now, the new tools I want are digital. I did pick up a Wacom tablet last week and am happy with it. I would like to move to a tablet pc. I have been very much into traditional mediums the past couple years but am now strangely and suddenly drawn to digital. It's alluring to think I could have my whole studio in something the size of a book.

    I want to do more writing as well. The illustration work I do is not as satisfying since I haven't been illustrating my own ideas. I'm very happy to have the work, and I need a better system of organization (new tools) so I can more easily find time to work on my own projects.

    I also have no idea what stories I really want to tell, or how to tell them, because I second guess myself so often. I start thinking about the market, and that interferes with the creative process.