Monday, March 19, 2007


I found this interesting article on creativity at

The article dates back to January 2006, but makes some wonderful points about creativity:

"... In creativity research, we refer to the three Bs—for the bathtub, the bed and the bus—places where ideas have famously and suddenly emerged. When we take time off from working on a problem, we change what we're doing and our context, and that can activate different areas of our brain. If the answer wasn't in the part of the brain we were using, it might be in another ..."

"...They have tons of ideas, many of them bad. The trick is to evaluate them and mercilessly purge the bad ones. But even bad ideas can be useful .... Sometimes you don't know which sparks are important until later, but the more ideas you have, the better ..."

"The Hidden Secrets of the Creative Mind" January 08, 2006 at

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  1. Good article. I particularly like the last part where he says we shouldn't wait for inspiration because we might never start working on what we might someday create.

    I see several books on Amazon by this author. They're all very expensive hardbacks, so I'm assuming they're college textbooks. Maybe he'll write something for ordinary creative people someday.

    Personally, though, I think there's something wrong with the studies if they show that the creative process is virtually the same in all disciplines. He seems to be discussing Creative Problem Solving, rather than Creativity as it pertains to art. Certainly there are overlaps, but the Eureka moment for an artist does not necessarily come from a logical process, nor does the result have to have anything to do with any previous thinking.