Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cover, I think.

I had fun with this dummy. I'm working the kinks out with some of these, but it's a rewarding process most of the time. My next one is about a little girl, a giant and 12 sea monsters.


  1. It needs more action...not just a guy standing there.

  2. Yeah. I agree with the above. Lame.

  3. Wes, the one thing that initially jumped out at me was that in the previous drawings his eyebrows were a dominant feature that stood out, and in those drawings you could tell they were eyebrows. In this sketch I fear it may be mistaken for the bill of a very furry ball cap. I mean, with the addition of the google, the eyebrows and hair seem to run together. Just a thought.

  4. Pretty Stale...and his proportions are wrong, but not in a funny "good" way. I do like better what is going on behind him.

  5. Man, I am taking a beating here. Thanks for the contrutive comments. Lame? I don't have a retort for that.

    Overall it's obvious I need to look at this again. I wanted to make the cover simple, but not simple and boring. Anyway, sometimes i just like to throw something up on the Blog, i guess this just wan't the right one.


  6. Sorry, guys, no anonymous criticisms on this blog. That's pretty lame.

    We don't expect this to be a Love Parade around here. We like honest comments. But the nature of this blog is to be able to show quite candidly what projects we're working on, as being a professional working at home has its limitations in that area.

    We know Bucky, and coincidentally Bucky's blog handle is "Bucky." I can't argue too much with someone whose handle is "three men fan." I wouldn't expect everyone to post their legal name and social security number. But I'd like to ask for a more professional attitude.

    I think somebody owes Wes a hug.

  7. Everybody wants to hug Wes. He's so cuddly.
    As is Bucky.
    So I heard.

    Comments and criticisms can be very helpful. I for one, don't expect someone to blow sunshine up my ass for every drawing or sketch I post. I like and respect honesty. But anonymous criticisms seem tacky. You know who we are, let us know who you are. No feelings will be hurt.

    From now on, when critiques and comments are not expected, the comments option will be turned off on certain posts.