Thursday, March 8, 2007

Computer Schtuff

I'm just curious... What platform and OS and software do you use?

I'm on PC, since I'm a cheapskate and have fanoodled together every computer I've used. I'm still running on Windows ME. Photoshop 6. Seven year old Mustek 11 X 17 scanner.

A couple months ago I bought two monitors for 25 bucks through a government auction site. Turned out one of the monitors was one of those all-in-one computers. Cool deal! Worked, but had to change out the lcd power inverter. So I'm using it now and it's nice because it takes up so little space.

I've gotta upgrade my OS soon. I've had Photoshop CS for two or three years and haven't used it yet because it'll only run on Windows 2000 and above. It has a much wider brush selection and better tools for digital painting.

I also purchased a non-working tablet pc on ebay. I couldn't resist, as I got it for just sixty bucks, and they sell for around $500 even for this old model. But it's just a question of whether it will cost me more to fix it than buy one that works.

When I'm president, I'll probably go ahead and switch to a Mac.

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  1. I am impressed you guys take computers apart and make new ones and so forth.

    I get nervous just using the can of air on my keyboard.