Friday, March 2, 2007

Beginning to Dig.

Another rough. Ed is a dirt miner. I should draw more jewels and treasure that he's passing up to get to the dirt reservoirs deep in the earth.

Maybe not though. As a kid, I was always disturbed/distracted at the end of movies where they have all the money just floating around as the protagonist comes to grip with one of life's great lessons. I felt like standing up in the middle of the scene and saying "There's thousands of HUNDRED dollar bills just floating by you, Get a grip and hug later, Dumbass!!!"



  1. Fine, see if I ever give you a hug. I see where your priorities are.

    I don't know the story (but feel free to tell me the whole shebang... there's a hug in it for you), but I reckon whether there be jewels is reckoned upon how far they reckon in the story. On the other hand, if it were up to my daughter Sara, she'd say definitely add the gems and treasure.

    This is probably stepping out of bounds a bit on my part, but are you stuck on the name Big Ed? I mention it just because I'm a big believer in unusual names, and because my wife has been reading the kids Roald Dahl's BFG, and there are so many fun made-up words in it. Like whizpopper, known to human beans as "farts."

    Which reminds me... in our household, when the kids were little we toned the term down to "toot." I remember about two years ago we were at the library and I showed Sara an old book about a little tugboat I remembered. I said, "This book is called Little Toot." She looked at me disbelievingly, "Nuh, uh!"

    I get a strong tactile sense from your drawings. I can feel the dirt under my fingernails from seeing him scooping up the earth... nice render and sense of action. And the second drawing is aces, the way you carved out that wonky tunnel.

    I just hope he doesn't have any whizpoppers down there while holding that match.

  2. Good point. I like made up words too. Seuss was just so good at it that if you want to do it, t seems you really have to pull it off well. Ed's whole name is a bit different. The book starts out like this...

    Big Ed McGrunty O'Burley Mcqueen
    Was THE toughest man the world's ever seen.

    After that it's mostly ed and big Ed. I'm not married to that name though. Initially, I didn't want to use Mcqueen (Pixars cars), but I haven't found a better substitute yet. Osteen? Bean?

    yes and I imagine a toot down there with that match... that might just be the end of the series. :).



  3. I'm with Ted, I can just feel the dirt under my fingernails.

    I love the details...the finger marks in the dirt, his lunchbox on the ground, the bucket of dirt, etc.

    His eyebrows are so cool!