Saturday, February 24, 2007

Read a book

7" x 10.25"
Watercolor and ink on Aqvarelle Arches, Rough, 100% Cotton


  1. That tree is leaning so much... I like the way the sheer weight of the elephant seems to balance the illustration! This looks like it could be a book cover.

    I've seen that boid somewheres before. I'm wondering what the elephant is reading...

    Nobody draws elephant toes like you do, Stacy.

  2. Stacy, beautiful piece, as always. Method question, Do you ink the black line first and then watercolor or watercolor and then ink? I've known artists who work both ways. Just curious.

  3. Thanks, Ted!
    I'm really into drawing birds lately, for some reason.

    Bucky, it varies.
    Sometimes I'll do all the ink work and then all the watercolor work on top of that.

    I started out trying to do all of the watercolor work first, then inking last, but that didn't work at all for me.

    The method that's been working for me best is inking some major stuff first (here I inked the elephant, some sections of the grass, bird and the tree trunk), then I watercolored everything and then inked the leaves and detailed fine lines last.

    That method has proven to be my favorite way of doing things because it keeps the drawing loose and the process interesting.


  4. That is some rough paper, man. I like the texture... you have to use it and have to accept it and it has to become part of the picture.

    What brand of brushes do you guys use? Bucky? Stacy? Wes? Mine are all starting to split, like some weird hybrid dual-head brush or something. Aggravating.

  5. Ted, unlike Stacy who has 800 million brushes in his studio, I have very few, and most are cheap ones I've picked up at art store discount sales (I'm either cheap or figure it out..ha). So my brushes are a hodge-podge of Winsor Newtons, Grumbachers, various Sables, etc. But for inking I seem to favor Winsor Newton 0 for detail and a Grumbacher 2 for fatter line work. I'm not as proficent or experienced with color as you guys, so I'm embarrassed to say.___I look forward to hearing what you guys favor.

  6. Your style is so fun! It helps that you make fantasitc characters. :0}

  7. Wonderful characters, and I especially like the composition and texture.