Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pile it on

I tried something new. I set out to watercolor a complete disasterous mess. And it worked.
I piled paint layer on top of paint layer until I had muddy chaos and if that wasn't enough, I crosshatched the smithereens out of the drawing.
Since I didn't care how it turned out, I was able to try new things without worry.
It's pretty fun making a mess.

7" x 10.25"
Watercolor and India Ink on Aqvarelle Arches, Rough, 100% Cotton


  1. Nice mess! I was just thinking that I often wind up with a mess without trying... but on the other hand, I so often expect myself to mess up, maybe I am actually trying to make a mess. So what I should try, then, is to make a mess while meaning to make a mess but not not meaning to not make a mess. It's worth a shot.

    This has a nice monochromatic look to it... and that sketchy look that makes it feel like you were sitting there sketching a scene while the subjects were unaware. I could see this being a style that would work for the right project.

  2. Love the fun part of the exploration and the looseness, Stacy. But how the heck did that dog get between those spindles like that :-) Good dog.

  3. Bucky, you weren't supposed to notice that!!
    I didn't even pencil this I just started drawing...the dog happened and then I put spindles on the other side, then I said, "RATS!" So I slipped them behind the dog hoping no one would notice. :-)

  4. Ha! You could do a book with pictures that are filled with things like that, for kids to find. Reminds me of that painting of the lady on her horse with the trees. Yeah, you know, that one.

  5. I figured as much :-) Personally, I think dog & spinkle thing is a fun touch. And Ted's right, kids do love those What's Wrong With This Picture type of thing. Good idea.

  6. This has such a great flavor to it. Love the guys neck! Great piece. . .there is something about the freedom of not really caring how it turns out. It leaves us free to really create a masterpiece. . .or really screw up. This turned out great!

  7. I love the scratchy feel of this. It's not easy just to walk into a painting with that approah. Great Job.