Friday, February 2, 2007

Pick One

If you could pick one classic children's book (or any book for that matter), and illustrate it (or re-illustrate it), what would it be?


  1. Great question!
    I'm kinda stumped on this question, because most of the books I love have wonderful illustrations that I can't imagine changing or wanting to recreate.

    However.....I just finished reading "The Tale of Desperaux" by Kate Dicamillo. Timothy Basil Ering did a marvelous job with the illustrations in that book. But I would love to do it as a graphic novel.

    There are others, but that would be my first choice, I think. Again, difficult, but great, question.

  2. Aesops Fables for me. It would be fun to my own version, I think. Some of my other favorites would be lessened by my efforts, but i think it would be interesting to do a zany version of Aesops.

  3. When my kids were little we always enjoyed a fun reading of "Everybody Poops". What? It was a classic in our house.__Of course, that does explains a lot.

  4. Mmm...
    Usually my answer would be Alice in Wonderland, because my syster just loves it. In a very obsessive way (and she is 30).

    However I really have to choose my favorite children book: The Never Ending Story.
    The movie changed my life, and the book is even better.