Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A paper test...

I'm about to start painting a children's book and I thought I'd try out a sheet of paper I bought awhile ago and was too intimidated to use. Normally, I don't recommend trying new materials while on a tight deadline. It never works out.

After I watercolored a few doodles on this paper, I'm in love with it.
It took the paint and ink beautifully and I was able to rework some parts of the drawing.
It's a nice big sheet of Strathmore Series 500 bristol.

The book calls for bright colors and man, this really did it for me.
I'm usually a cold-pressed paper kinda guy, but this is opening my eyes to painting on a smoother surface.

I'm headed to the art supply store tomorrow to buy a bunch of it for this project.

BTW - This character keeps showing up in my sketchbooks, practice drawings, etc. He's begging to be the star of a future project!


  1. Beautiful color. I'm a big fan of this fellow and yes, I have noticed he pops up from time to time.

    I've got some of that paper too. Maybe I'll have another look at it.


  2. Very nice, Stacy. Really cool crazy look with the colors. I like the character.

  3. Add me to the list of admirers of this piece and what you've done with the colors. Sweet experiment!