Monday, February 5, 2007

Nailing it down.

When I'm designing a character, I try to go through a quick evolution of possibilities. It's easy to get sidetracked or swayed by a sketch that is good but just doesn't fit what I'm trying to do with the character. Many times I just have to start from scratch and simplify everything.



  1. I love this coyote's ears and tail.

    And I know what you mean.
    On a project I just finished, I had to create about a dozen characters. For the main character, I did 199 sketches (I counted them). Some of those characters will definitely pop up in my work later on because I just can't let go of the good ones.

    If you like some of the characters enough, I'd set them aside in a file for later use.

  2. I like this little guy. Awesome character design, Wes. Would be interesting to see the No-Gos.

    Designing characters is something I love, but hate... duplicating a good sketch can be tough for me.

  3. Yeah, Wes, share the No-gos, as Ted said. I enjoy looking at this character...especially his thin legs and tiny feet.