Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I've been trying to translate the free feeling of just sketching to watercolor paper. If I sketched on watercolor paper the way I do on typing paper, it would show up as a mess in the background. I sketched on normal typing paper, and then scanned these both in at simple 150dpi adjusted the brightness and contrast to where it just barely shows up and printed them on hot press watercolor paper. It worked! The ink runs a tiny bit, but the benefit is that I messed up on the pressure-cooker one and just printed it out again, no sweat. The printer I have is a HP B8350.

This wouldn't work well with small details and faces because the ink runs slightly, but with large scenes it might do well. I still think having lots of time to pencil it out is the best, but if I'd like to experiment with some colors why not.

Oh and yes, the top one is photoshopped with layers.



  1. Boy, I wish I could do that with my printer! I'd love to have a second chance with watercolors.

    This is a great effect. It reminds me of some experimenting I was doing last year with 3-D. I was figuring out how to make some full-color 3-D stuff in Photoshop... basically just mis-aligning the magenta and cyan channels.

    I feel sorry for that poor cactus! Did I ever tell you that I lived in Odessa for a while as a tyke? All I remember are dust storms, tumbleweeds, cacti, prairie dogs and horny toads. Oh, and I think I saw a few road runners.

    Why do I get the feeling that you have built something similar to that stereo set-up??

  2. It's a matter of figuring out what works for YOU.

    These are wonderful paintings. I love the attention to detail in the cactus first I was looking at the buildings in the background and then I found that cool little bird that's about to get blown away.