Friday, February 9, 2007

It is a head.

This wasn't working at all until i erased the body and just left it floating there. A problem I have with composition is knowing what NOT to draw... Like knowing when to leave something out. Sometimes nothing is the most important thing to remember.



  1. This is awesome! Love it.

    I'm the same way, but particularly when I'm trying to use black well. I was working on something last week and I added a little black, a little more, more, until it was a complete mess.

    I remember reading that comic book inker Klaus Janson, who used to work on Daredevil with Frank Miller, would practice by putting tracing paper over photos, and just brush in all the shadows.

    I'm very good at getting about 75 percent of a drawing right, and the rest is flubbed... whether it's an arm or leg, or the background, etc.

    I used to do most of my drawing by starting out with the face, and work outward from there, and then go to the background. I'm more likely now to rough things out and get the flow and balance and perspective down first... the way I'm supposed to do things, the way I was taught. To me, oftentimes that's too much like spoiling the surprise of how the drawing will turn out. If I'm not surprised as much as somebody else might be, then there doesn't seem to be much of a point in drawing.

  2. That guy looks steamed!

    I particularly love the clouds of steam around his head, the on/off switch and his teeth.

    This is a great drawing.

  3. Why do I get the feeling you three guys draw extremely fast and proficiently? __ Real nice work, Wes.