Friday, February 16, 2007


A lot of times when I'm not happy with something I drew, it's because of the expression in the eyes. They say everything. If you don't nail it just perfect, you might as well just bag the rest of the drawing. I've started to draw extra eyes on the side in sketches when I'm not happy how how the first inkjob came out.

Pirates of the Carribean, Dead man's Chest is a great example of good eyes. Ok Movie, but I LOVED Davey Jones in that movie. His eyes and speech were just perfect. One of my favorite characters in a while.

The ink spattering was just a way to link to the theme on the cover of this alternative weekly assignment "The Rant Issue"


  1. Wes, fun stuff, as always.___You are right on with the subject of the eyes. They are all expressive and if you don't hit it, it won't work.___ Say, any chance you could post the cover you spoke of? I'm curious to seen how the ink spattering ties this all together.

  2. You're so right, man. The eyes can make it or break it. There was a scene in The Incredibles that made an impression on me... when the whole family was "frozen" by Syndrome, and yet their eyes were doing the acting.

    The Davy Jones character was awesome... maybe the saving grace of the movie.

    I like this illustration, and I like the alternative eyes idea! Doing dots for eyes, like I do often, sure can have its drawbacks. I remember reading about how much trouble the Disney animators had with Pooh's eyes. I take a page from Watterson's book, though, and change the eyes however necessary to convey the right expression.

    Your watercolor is looking great, Wes. It's really fitting in with your inking style.