Thursday, February 8, 2007

Down and Dirty Lightbox

I'm working on a project that requires a bigger lightbox.
I priced this one for $341. YIKES!

My plan was to get my father-in-law to help me build a wooden one, when he suggested this plan:

It worked perfectly and for $250 less than the one at the art supply store!

The cool thing is I could go onto Craiglist and find a cheap-o drawing table and have this lightbox inset into the table.
Now that would totally rule!

Here is the result:


  1. Sweet! Nice job, Stace. Looks great!

    I would have thought that the plexiglass would fall down, or in. Did you have to do anything special for that? How's the surface hold up to the drawing pressure?

    Somebody was selling an awesome desk with a glass top the other day for fifty bucks on Craigslist. I should have bought it. Besides looking cool, it could easily have been turned into a light table desk.

    My father-in-law guilted me into building some things myself, too. Damn if it wasn't character-building.

  2. The plexiglass sits right in there perfectly. It's VERY sturdy....I can push as hard as I can down on it and it doesn't fall or bend.

    My father-in-law is very handy. He's awesome for coming up with alternative solutions.

  3. I will avoid the temptation to speculate on how that quality figured in with his giving away his daughter.

  4. This is bloody brilliant. I'm going to ask you in thrree weeks if you still like it and then I'm building one.