Friday, February 16, 2007


There was a request for the cover so here it be. For me this orangey one trumped the more detailed one with the cactus on the right (it was putting me to sleep). Not the ideal effect for the "rant" topic. The orange one isn't perfect, but better.

Also, when things are uninteresting to me, I've taken up slapping subtle background details in the image. The splatters in the backdrop of this is scanned from a preschool painting assignment that my son did Monday. I often scan his little drawings in and hide them in the page just for fun.

The top bar was just placed for effect to give the editors a chance to see how it would look with their standard page.

Thanks, Bucky!



  1. Shows what I know. The editors picked the other one.

    Bastards. ;P


  2. Wes, thanks a ton for sharing these images. It really did show how it tied it all together. Personally, I like both images but surprisingly, I was pulling for the same one the editors chose. Man, me agreeing with editors...I must be slipping. But hey, nice work as always, Wes.