Monday, February 26, 2007

Big Ed again.

This fella took 4 hours to do on hot press watercolor paper with watercolor pans.

I lay down light pencil first then a light wash of color and then thicker details with some colored pencil and a tiny bit of acrylic for accents. Inking is then done with a 10/0 nylon brush that I've cut down to half it's original size. On mixing colors, I find that mixing colors on styrofoam plates works great and then I keep the (now dry) plates stacked up, so when I need to find a muddy or a flesh tone it's there. A few touches with photoshop and I'm on to something else.



  1. Wes, great piece and great description of your process. That is so interesting to hear the various steps you take and the order of them. Thanks much.

  2. Nice wallpaper pattern. :-)

    Wes, I started using styrofoam plates after you suggested it and it's awesome. It saves paint and they're quick to use when you're painting in a hurry.

    I love the dog in this painting and your attention to little details. Great work!!!

  3. This turned out great! I like how you kept the background nice and soft - I've been trying to do that more and more. I recently bought a micron pen that's a burnt sienna color, and I use that to ink the background. Thanks for sharing your process, and the styrofoam plate tip!

  4. I love the way the dog is the exact inverse of the boot.

    I might just have to steal the plate idea myself. I've noticed that when I use the mixing trays that I always put 'way more paint in that I actually use... and then it gets hard, since I don't wash 'em out for a few days (or months, depending on when I use it next). And I noticed that I can just re-use it by adding water. So with a plate, I could keep 'em and put all that good paint to use. Cool!

    When you post these drawings, it drives me nuts, wondering what you're gonna do with them! Can't wait to find out more about this guy. Like, did he pick out the wallpaper, or did his dog? Is he related to Colin Farrell? Do you have to use a special brush just for his eyebrows?