Saturday, February 24, 2007

Artist Retreat

I just got back from my "Artist Retreat," an early birthday gift from my awesome wife... a couple of days at a cabin in the Smokies. I managed to do one watercolor piece and do a little thinking.
The pics of me working were taken via camera timer, and of course I'm not really painting. I also don't really smile (yes, that's a smile) when I'm working. Apparently I usually look ticked off when I'm drawing.


  1. Welcome back to civilization!

    Did you go to the cabin alone, or did your family go with you?

    This is exactly how I'd live if I could talk other people into it!!

  2. Civilization... BAH!

    I responded to the wrong post... me stay there just alone no body else.

    An alternative would be to do what cartoonist Chris Crosby did and buy a high school building and grounds to live in and work in and open a restaurant in. Every working cartoonist in the country could live there! Which I think he would like. I wouldn't mind it either, except that it's in South Dakota, and I wouldn't mind most cartoonists in the world living there except for.. well, no, I better shut my pie hole. I'm trying to stay good on this blog since others have to share it with me.