Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stacy's Studio

Here are several photos of my studio, which is located in the basement of our house. When my wife and I went shopping for a house, my only requirement was for a large workspace that I could have all to myself, which I got. Luckily, two years later when I got laid off, it worked out just perfectly for a workspace that I could spend most all day in and get work done.

I have a lot of stuff just sitting around my studio, things that inspire me....cows, an Obey Giant poster, various stuffed jungle animals, Sylvester, a fiberglass duck, various Garfield things, original drawings hanging on my walls, etc.

These first two pictures are of my computer workstation (from Ikea) and my drawing table (which I bought from an architect on Craigslist).

These next photos are of a clothesline I strung across the basement to hang finished drawings or pieces of inspiration. Hung on there now are some of my watercolors and gigposters....oh, and a witch (that I love for inspiration) I bought on one of our annual trips to Nashville, IN.

These next photos are of the sitting/reading/writing/goofing off area of my studio. I love sitting next to the fireplace and sketching and letting my mind wander.

Also in my studio is a display cabinet with some of my vinyl figures, a tile from the Charles Schulz Museum, action figures and snowglobes. That one small bookcase to the left of the cabinet only has sketchbooks on it. Strangely enough, I have tons more. I love sketchbooks.

Here's the back door to my studio, it takes you out into our backyard.

One last photo is of my studio in our condo prior to moving to our house. All I had was a corner of the basement and one day I just went nuts because it wasn't creative enough and I strung plastic plants everywhere and bought stuffed jungle animals and turned my corner of the basement into a jungle. You'll notice a bunch of the same stuff made it into my current studio. Some days I miss that craziness.

Okay, that finishes up the tour of my studio. Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to visit the giftshop on your way out.
Y'all come back, ya hear?


  1. Stacy, thanks for sharing these studio photos. I love seeing other cartoonists/illustrators work spaces.__ Earlier this week Ted and I were commenting on how a messy office affects us. You office looks so organized and clean...is it always that way, and how does clutter affect your creativity? Just curious.

  2. Very very cool, Stace.

    What you need is some kids running around that place with miniature golf clubs, and then it would look a bit more like mine and Ted's.

  3. Bucky, my studio is kept realitively clean. I'm somewhat of a neat freak. I usually am kinda messy during a project, but as soon as that project is finished, I clean everything up before starting on the next one.

    Clutter kills my creativity.
    Sometimes cleaning, whether it be dishes, picking up around the house or out in the yard gets my brain going and fuels creative thoughts.

    Kids with minature golf clubs and light sabers = broken stuff.

  4. Ha! How could I have overlooked the missing messy element of....kids? Sadly, my kids are at the age where I can no longer use them as an excuse for the mess in my office.