Thursday, January 11, 2007

Six pages...

...of a book I'm sending in soon. This is the way it starts. No text in the beginning, just a strange dude on a bike making a delivery. I'm watching too many Sergio Leone movies lately.
Somebody on the "Wisen" board mentioned they'd like to see sketches and I think that's a fun idea.



  1. Wes!!!!!!!!
    This leaves my brain thinking of many, many stories that can come from these three spreads.
    This is such an awesome way to start a book.
    I bet a sasquatch jumps out of the box!

    I wish I had thought of it.

  2. Wes that is excellent work. The guy behind Bellville Rendevous recently moved from France right here to Edinburgh. Let me tell you, that standard of drawing would sit well in his studio. Eyegasmic work.

  3. Thanks guys! Rod and Denis, it's so cool to have you guys stop by. -Wes

  4. Great work. I am a huge fan of prelims. I love the blood and guts of the process. Keep'em coming.