Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This is a drawing for a recent project, inked with the pocket brush pen. I've been using it almost exclusively for inking lately. It was a quick do, but it's got a little personality.


  1. Mmm... you gotta love the pocket brush!

  2. Love it, Ted. You mentioneed school. Did you take figure drawing in school? I'm seeing some real good anatomy in your work.


  3. When I was going to school in Seattle I did have a life drawing class or two. What I think helped me most was one day in art class, probably eleventh grade, when we did life drawing. We did some speed-scribbling... somebody would pose and we'd have thirty seconds to scribble out the figure... not sketch, but loopy scribbles. Then they'd change poses and so on. This way we didn't worry about the details but got a sense of how the whole body worked together.

    I am probably indebted to How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. I finally got my own copy a couple years ago at the library book store... pretty beat up, but even a cheapskate like me can invest a dollar for a classic book now and then.

    When I'm drawing figures, if I worry too much about anatomy it really throws me off. I kinda think about the flow of the figure, and then fix anything wrong like where the elbow should fall, etc. What I like to try to do is get a sense of movement even in static figures, or at least a tension. A sense of weight is probably the most important thing for me with drawing figures.

    With cartooning, I don't have to get everything just right, and in fact things look better when they're not. But there's no doubt that knowing how the human body works, at all ages, and is put together helps.