Saturday, January 27, 2007

Desk and snow.

Here's my desk where I hide away from those brutal southern Arizona winters. Sheesh. What happened? What is this white stuff? We must have got a foot the other day and i just had to show it off. My beautiful desert trees began to snap under the weight of all the snow, so that's me frantically beating the branches with a big beam.


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  1. Dang, Wes, what is that, a telephone pole that you're using to knock down the snow?

    I get uncomfortable whenever the temperature variates from 72 degrees. The climate out here in South Carolina is the mildest of anyplace we've ever lived.

    So THIS is what a real workspace looks like! I envy you. It looks like a sweet spot. I'll put up some more of my "real" work area soon.

    Say, it might just be the photo, but I think I see the glow of yellow light. I have to mention that I have been using the Reveal light bulbs for the past couple of years, and they're awesome. They're not officially natural light or whatever, but they create a terrific white light and make it much easier to work when sunlight isn't available. Especially crucial when doing work with color, but it just creates a more pleasant environment, period.