Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coyote and Lizard.

I'm drawing these guys to warm me up a bit. It gets below 50 here and I just think I'm going to die. I am such a pansy. These two are going to be the focus of my next "dummy". I'll post a watercolor in the next few days.



  1. This is sweet! I like the zaniness of these guys. I like the limpy cactus.

  2. So, question: how many dummies do you have going at once? I'm getting ready to start putting my hopes into some dummies, and I was just curious what your production rate is. One or two books in submission at a time? Three or four? More?

    Or do you put all your energy into the "ONE PERFECT BOOK" and sell the snot out of it?


  3. Dave,

    Good question. I'm new to this so I can only tell you what I'm doing.

    They say don't focus on the dummy so much that they think you aren't willing to accept some changes. Send the first one in and then if you can, wham! Hit them with another piece of quality work. Editors in general like to see a pattern they can trust.

    I figure once you've sent it out to your favorite publishers what else can you do? (unless you've got the time/money to shmooze at these conferences which really isn't my style anyway)
    I took two weeks (off and on) to draw/scan re-edit my last dummy and after a few days away from it I see more flaws but i still like it, so I'm printing it up with a cheap hp printer, binding it, and sending it in.

    Jumping into this next project was unexpected, really. But I had fun with the last dummy and just started WRITING. As I'm writing I'm taking breaks and doodling the scenes in a "just for me" kind of way. This next one won't rhyme.

    Basically, put together your most feasable project, have fun with it, re-edit the $#^% out of it, and then send it in and see if you can top it.

    BTW, I checked out your stuff and you really have a great style that fits well in the current market. You shouldn't have a huge battle impressing the right people.



  4. Yeah, Checking your stuff once again, Dave. Just amazing. Cool to have you here.


  5. Thanks, Wes! I appreciate the kind words!

    Grad school is keeping me pretty swamped these days, but I've always got some stories bouncing around my head. Next I just have to carve out some time to focus on drawing and writing them out.

    Good luck to both of us!